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Skilled Maintenance Technician (May 2017) more...
Location:Glendora, CA
Company:Citrus Community College
First posted:May 26, 2017 (last updated 30+ days ago)

Skilled Maintenance Technician (May 2017)
Citrus Community College

Provides a variety of skilled construction, alteration, maintenance, and repair of facilities and buildings. Works in a several areas of specialization (e.g., electrical, plumbing, locksmith, roofing, general carpentry).Must be capable of leading projects and performing related work at the journeyman level and assisting others in their specialty.

Performs some or all of the following, depending on the primary area of assignment:
Installs, maintains, troubleshoots and repairs electrical distribution systems and fixtures, including those categorized as industrial/commercial. Installs, adjusts, repairs or replaces electric lights, motors, heaters, generators, transformers, switchboards and other electrical apparatus. Installs transmission lines for electrical equipment. Participates in projects such as wiring communications lines between and within structures.
Maintains, inspects, diagnoses and makes emergency repairs to steam, natural gas, water, refrigeration, and air distribution systems. Tests, adjusts, and calibrates boiler and air conditioning machinery and mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic control instruments. Tests and may chemically treat boiler, condenser and cooling tower water and water from other systems. Adjusts repairs or replaces motors, and other electrical apparatus. Services and may install direct digital control systems. Performs a variety of painting and varnishing duties. Paints walls, doors, rooms, buildings, parking lots, and other surfaces as required. Uses spray equipment or brushes. Prepares and finishes various surfaces. Prepares surfaces and applies paint, varnish, and other protective and decorative finishes in a manner that reflects senior-level skill and ability. Finishes surfaces to comply with applicable building codes, District standards, and the usage or exposure of the surfaces.
Performs major plumbing repairs. Inspects, maintains, and repairs complete plumbing systems, including other fluid flows such as natural gas. Fits, installs, and repairs sewer lines, water lines, heaters, valves, seals, and back flow preventers.
Performs a variety of journey-level carpentry duties. Constructs, fabricates, installs, repairs or replaces doors, walls, signs, desks, counters, shelves, shelf units, computer tables, chairs, benches, bleachers, tables, sheds, scaffolds, forms, frames, window frames, fences and stairways. Participates in the construction of temporary and permanent buildings and structures. Glazes and fits windows.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Performs locksmith duties. Installs, repairs, and replaces locks on doors, desks, gates, and lockers. Installs electronic door mechanisms.
Maintains swimming pools to comply with all applicable health and safety standards and requirements and optimal conditions for use. Checks pool water level and gutters, boiler readings, and test temperature, chemical and pH level, control valves on a daily basis. Adds chemical additives to maintain optimal conditions, and checking for leaks.
Inspects, tests, and repairs smoke and heat sensors, fire alarms, pulls, and panels to meet applicable standards. Conducts preventive maintenance on sprinkler components.
Maintains up-to-date knowledge of elevator emergency safety and evacuation procedures. Assists elevator company representatives ongoing elevator testing and maintenance.
Inspects roofs. Repairs roof leaks and potential roof leaks. Performs preventive maintenance of roofs. Documents work performed and overall roof conditions.
Performs a variety of masonry duties including construction and repair of masonry walls, screens, retaining walls, benches, edgings and facings.
Serves as a project leader for installations and remodels by planning work to be performed, developing budgets and material and labor estimates, and sequencing work activities. Maintains required records and makes reports. Prepares reports on work completed and materials used.
Operates and performs maintenance of equipment including light tractors, skip loaders, forklifts and other labor saving devices. Performs a full range of vehicle preventive maintenance and servicing. Diagnoses mechanical and electrical systems. Performs routine vehicle tune-ups, lubrication, oil and oil filter changes.
Performs safety and operating checks on District vehicles, ensuring vehicle safety for the transportation of students. Inspects light, brakes, seating, oil, and water leaks.
Performs automotive and equipment repair.
Fabricates and welds metal fixtures such as, but not limited to, rails, platforms, stairs, and gates.
May train and guide the work of student and temporary workers assisting with maintenance.
Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.

Requires in-depth knowledge in area of assignment and working knowledge of one or more of the following; electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry or automotive mechanics.
Requires a working knowledge of the uses and purposes of hand and power tools and equipment used on construction and general maintenance.
Must be thoroughly familiar with safe work practices and the safety orders of the California OSHA related to area of specialty.
Requires sufficient communications skills to convey information to co-workers and contractors.
Requires sufficient math skills to make measurements and estimate costs.
Requires the ability to perform basic to journeyman level electrical, plumbing, carpentry, heating and air conditioning, locksmith, and commercial painting work skillfully and in a timely manner.
Requires the ability to promptly respond to emergencies, including fire alarms and power outages.
Requires the ability to operate trucks, forklifts, boom trucks, chain hoists, electric high-lift equipment, and maintenance equipment, including a full range of hand and power tools used to perform construction, carpentry, electrical and mechanical services such as instrumentation and controls. Requires the ability to perform welding and glazing.
Requires the ability to maintain, and repair fire prevention systems.
Requires the ability to read and interpret engineering drawings, sketches, blueprints, schematics, and building and fire codes.
Requires the ability to maintain records and activity logs.
Requires the ability to estimate materials and labor for assignments.
Requires the ability to work cooperatively and maintain harmonious relations with staff, contractors, and the public.
Requires the ability to observe safe work practices and handle hazardous materials according to accepted procedures.
Requires the ability to work variable schedules.

- Two or more years in the maintenance trades with special attention in the painting and general maintenance categories.

- An associate degree, or the completion of at least sixty (60) college-level semester units, and two years of journey-level experience in the area of the specific assignment; or, in the absence of an associate degree, or the completion of at least sixty (60) college-level semester units, four years of journey-level experience in the area of the specific assignment.

Requires the ability perform work of an active nature, to stand for extended periods of time, walk up to 400 yards, and manipulate (lift, carry, move) heavy weights of up to 75 pounds on a regular basis. Requires the ability to push, pull, and guide materials over 75 pounds. Requires the ability to climb, stoop, kneel, and crouch on a regular basis. Requires sufficient hand-eye coordination, hand and finger dexterity including ability to grasp, and visual acuity to operate specialized equipment and read technical (including blueprints) and safety information. Requires auditory ability to hear machinery sounds and alarms. Requires near and far visual acuity to read printed materials, moving objects, and observe work-in-progress. Requires speaking ability to carry on ordinary conversations. Requires the ability to work in extreme temperature conditions.

- Requires a valid driver's license.

It is the policy of the District not to discriminate against and to encourage a diversity of applicants based on national origin, religion, age, sex or gender, race, color, medical condition, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, use of family and medical care leave, genetic information, military or veteran status, gender identity, gender expression, or because he or she is perceived to have one or more of the foregoing characteristics, or based on association with a person or group with one of more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

Special Instructions to Applicants:
Applications are considered legal documents, and as such, all areas of the application must be completed or your application packet will be considered incomplete, and will not be moved forward. While it may be appropriate in some areas of your application to use "NA" (not applicable), do not use terms such as "see resume" or "see attached". When listing your work experience, please specify the beginning and end dates for each job you held and describe your experience.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all required documents, and those additional documents you choose to include, are attached BEFORE clicking the "Finished Attaching Documents" button and confirming. It is advisable to attach "Optional" documents first, and then "Required" documents once you are ready to click on the "Finished Attaching Documents" button and confirming.

Application and Supplemental Questionnaire must be complete. A resume will not substitute for a fully completed employment application and supplemental questionnaire. Incomplete applications will be rejected. When listing your work experience, please specify the beginning and end dates for each job you held and describe your experience.

Additional documents CANNOT be added to your electronic application packet once you click on "Finished Attaching Documents" and receive your confirmation number; so, please be sure you have all documents you will upload handy and in an electronic format. THE APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM WILL NOT ACCEPT DOCUMENTS LARGER THAN 2MB. IF YOUR DOCUMENTS DO NOT UPLOAD, PLEASE RESIZE. If you do not have all your documents handy at the time you are applying for the position, we advise you to click on "Finish Attaching Documents Later". Be sure, however, to finish attaching your documents BEFORE the close or first consideration date for the position. Please remember, you will NOT be able to attach additional documents after you have selected "Finished Attaching Documents" and have received a confirmation number, and you will not be able to apply for a position after the position has closed.

Please note: should an applicant apply for a position more than once, only the most recently received application packet will be the one screened for completeness. All others will be deemed inactive, and will not be considered, regardless of completeness.

We regret we are unable to accept faxed, emailed, mailed, or hand delivered application materials outside the online Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Only application materials submitted through this electronic format will be accepted. Exception: The Citrus College Form 101 must be mailed or hand delivered to the Director of Human Resources in a sealed, confidential envelope.

Reasonable accommodations will be provided to candidates with verified disabilities. Accommodation requests should be made at the time the interview appointment is scheduled.

All employees within the bargaining unit are required to pay dues as a member of the exclusive representative or pay an agency fee.

Starting salary for a new classified hire at Citrus College is fixed at Step 1.

About Transcripts:
--Candidates must upload copies of all transcripts (need not be official at the time of application) which prove sufficient for verifying minimum qualifications for this position.
--Official transcripts will be required at the time of the job offer.
--Transcripts must be from the awarding institution, and must show that the degree has been awarded (or conferred) and the year.
--Degree (s) must be earned (or conferred) from accredited institution(s) or an equivalent foreign institution by the first consideration date for this position.
--All degrees must be verifiable on a legible transcript by the indicated first consideration date for this position.
--Foreign transcripts must be transcribed in English AND evaluated for U.S. equivalency by a bona fide U.S. evaluation service.

Selection Procedure:
--A selection committee will review application packages of those candidates who have met the minimum qualifications for this position, and will select a limited number of qualified candidates for an interview.
--Each candidate may be asked to make a presentation on a topic of the selection committee's choice. The candidate will be informed of the topic when an interview appointment is scheduled.
--Each candidate may be asked to provide a sample of his or her writing ability just prior to the interview.
--Travel costs must be borne by the applicant.
--Final candidates for faculty, management, and supervisor/confidential positions may be interviewed by the Superintendent/President.
--If selected as a finalist, the candidate permits the District to contact the current and former employer(s) to investigate past employment history.

Type: Full-time.

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