Reforestation Foreman

Sierra Reforestation Inc   Tenino, WA   Full-time     Construction / Physical Labor / Skilled Trades
Posted on March 19, 2023

Reforestation Foreman

The Position requires supervising a crew of 12-14 workers. These workers to be engaged in the following: commercial tree planting/ pre-commercial thinning activities conducted on steep terrain. The foreman will be responsible for ensuring that a required number of trees are planted by the crew. That the trees and brush cut are piled in a specified manner done so according to specifications established by landowners.

Foreman will ensure workers are maintaining their assigned equipment, that all equipment being used properly and in a safe manner. Foreman is responsible for safety training with the workers based on state and federal regulations. Foreman will maintain accurate records regarding tree count for planting and acreage for pre-commercial thinning/ brush clearing. This will also require the foreman to prepare reports for said crew and each individual’s daily production and an evaluation of the quality of each individual’s production. Foreman will be responsible for developing plans in other areas of business that reflect on the efficiency of each of the reforestation activities and communicating these plans with their supervisor.

The foreman must have full and complete knowledge of the work to be conducted, evaluate the amount of man power to dedicate to each worksite, in order to ensure that the projects are complete in a timely manner. The foreman is responsible for ensuring that the crews are ready to travel each day for on time arrival to each worksite. Foreman will be the designated company’s representative for onsite meetings with clients, landowners, federal and state officials. The foreman must be aware of what expectations are with ensuring that all of the work conducted is completed and done so at the highest level of competency. Applicant will be required to maintain a liaison with the landowner’s representative, forester, throughout each contractual period. The foreman will have the responsibility to survey and assist the general manager in assessing future contracts, viewing the potential worksites for bidding purposes and take part in preparing the bids to be submitted to the landowner for consideration.

Special Requirements: Must be fluent in both the English and Spanish language. Be able to evaluate the performance level of each member of their crew. Prepare as required the reports for each completed contract. Administer disciplinary actions when needed. The position will require travel to all counties in Washington to perform duties of supervising a crew to evaluate in advance what will be required when the crew begins the work as contracted for.

Applicant will be required to reside within commuting distance of Yelm, WA. When necessary to travel outside of the Yelm, WA area requiring overnight stays, the company will provide hotel accommodations at no cost to the employee.

“This notice is being posted in connection with the filing if a Permanent Alien Labor Certification for the above mentioned position with the Department of Labor. Any person may provide documentary evidence bearing on the application to the Certifying Officer of the United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, to the below address.

U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration
Office of Foreign Labor Certification
200 Constitution Avenue NW, Room N-5311
Washington, DC 20210

Salary is $44,554.00 a year.

Must have 12 months experience conducting reforestation activities, commercial tree planting, pre-commercial tree thinning, brush cutting and piling.