Arborist Ground Worker, Arborist Foreman, Lawn Care/ Weed Control Specialist, Tree Healthcare Technician

Aspen Tree Service   Steamboat Springs, CO   Full-time     Farming / Fishing / Forestry
Posted on May 17, 2022
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Job Location: Steamboat, CO. Are you looking for an exciting outdoor career opportunity with great pay and benefits? If you have an interest in tree and plant health and beautifying landscapes around beautiful Steamboat Springs give us a call, we can offer year round or seasonal employment with great pay and benefits. If you have not been in the tree industry before, need not worry because we’ll train you with the skills and knowledge you will need. And if you’re a seasoned pro, we’ll recognize your experience and we realize what you can bring to the table.

We are hiring for: Arborist Ground Worker at $18-30+/hour. Arborist Foreman at $25-40+/hour. Lawn Care / Weed Control Specialist at $18-$30+/hour. Tree Healthcare Technician at $18-$30+/hour.


Do you enjoy taking in the Colorado sun and fresh air? Do you gravitate toward the latest tech gear and pro equipment? Are you currently in your best shape or do you want to be?If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re ready to join Aspen Tree Service. Whatever your experience is coming in, Aspen tree service will help you take your abilities, and your career to the next level. The best part is that you’ll be joining a team of friendly, seasoned, certified pros who have been setting the industry standards for 40 years. • Noxious weed control specialist- Help to manage noxious weeds from damaging native ecosystems with the best technology and science available. • Lawn care specialist- Manage beautiful lawns by providing fertility and disease management. • Tree healthcare specialist- Work with Board Certified Master Arborists to manage the most pressing issues facing the trees in the mountain communities. Tree health, lawn care and vegetation management specialists wanted. At Aspen Tree Service, we encourage you to climb as far as you desire.

EXTRA: Safety is a number one priority with us, so you’ll learn “the safety ropes” whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vet. Our tree work ranges from 120 feet in the air on a crane, to ground level driving a fork lift. Massive, large scale removals of huge trees using all the big equipment you played with as a kid, including cranes and helicopters! Fire mitigation for homeowners is a growing concern today and a big bit part of our work, therefore you’ll be working in many different beautiful settings from remote ranch locations to private, high end estates. Tree pruning, trimming, relocation and removal are just a few of the wide range of projects that you will experience. You’ll find that there are so many variables and circumstances that make each time in the field a unique, learning experience. Within our organization there is room to grow and learn, including our plant health care division to improve the health of trees. Our superior expertise and thorough preparation are part of our core values. We start in April, but that can’t be for certain with all the climate changes lately in weather, and we will work all year until the holidays. Perfect if your priority is to ski or ride through the winter months, or if you work on the hill. We do have some positions during those winter months if you have interest, our company is growing and we have locations in Carbondale, Ridgway and Steamboat Springs. Your pay will depend on experience. Keep in mind that you can move up the ladder pretty quickly in responsibility and subsequent pay, and as we mentioned before, the training is provided by us.